Margaret A King is a photographer who in her backyard creates a place of solace and non-conformity where she is an observer, learner, picture-taker and flower-grower who captures the lives and stories of the flowers and animals who visit. She is interested in sharing her world of nature through photography with children and adults.  Her work "In My Backyard: Woodpeckers" will be exhibited as Athens County Library Athens OHIO August 2 to 29 and her photograph " Showing Red" will be a part of the art exhibition Birds, Bees, and Everything in Between at the Las Laguna Gallery August 7 to 24.

In addition to photographer, she is a child advocate, child development/early childhood education specialist, and teacher educator. Her interests include teaching young boys and emotional maltreatment of children by school personnel. A short list of publications include:

M.King and G. Janson (September 2011) Emotional Maltreatment in the Classroom: What Principals Can Do, Principal Magazine. 

G. Janson and M.King (2010), Creating Emotionally Healthy Learning Environments: Eliminating Emotional Maltreatment in Classrooms. ACEI: Focus on Elementary, Vol.23, No. 1. Online. 

M. King and G. Janson, 2010, First Do No Harm: Emotional Maltreatment in the Classroom, Early Childhood Journal

M. King and D. Gartrell, 2003, Building an Encouraging Classroom with Boys in Mind, Young Children

M. King and D. Gartrell, 2003, Guidance with Boys in Early Childhood Classrooms. In D. Gartrell, The power of positive guidance:  Teaching social-emotional skills in early childhood classrooms (pp. 106-124) New York: Delmar Learning

She currently lives in Athens Ohio.