Blendon Woods

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Blendon Woods, another one of the amazing MetroParks in Columbus.  The color of the trees was gorgeous with the brilliance of red, orange and yellow leaves everywhere.  There were about 40 wood ducks at Walden Pond.  The serenity and quiet of walking through the woods even on a Saturday morning was worth the trip.   Birders with binoculars and cameras seemed to be the main hikers even though there were a few couples with and without children.   

According to the website ( ) : “Blendon Woods is a spectacular stream-cut ravines with exposed ripple rock sandstone and open fields surrounded by beech-maple and oak-hickory forests. The 653-acre park is a great place to see a variety of songbirds, waterfowl and other wildlife, especially the flock of wild turkeys meandering about in search of food. The 118-acre Walden Waterfowl Refuge with its 11-acre Thoreau Lake provides a sanctuary for hundreds of birds, ducks and other wildlife. Open year-round, it features two elevated observation shelters with spotting scopes for viewing waterfowl”.

Fall at Blendon Woods Photos

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