Deer Up Close and Personal

Many of us have seen deer in the neighborhood, on local streets, on highways and in the woods.  Deer are common place and as we continue to take more of the green space out of communities, they have become our next door neighbors.  they run into our cars, eat our vegetables and flowers and bring their young for us to see,

Even though I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, my first experience with a deer that was not in captivity was when I moved to Athens. In the early 1980's, I remember standing outside of Putnam Hall at Ohio University and watching a deer run across the field and  up Jefferson Hill and finally hearing in the news at he had run through the glass at College Book Store.  An uncommon experience that has become more common over the years.

I like to take photos of animals up close and personal because I think that you can find out a lot about them by looking into their eyes.   

Deer in my backyard in the city! Enjoy the photos! 

April 18-4414-2 (1).jpg