Moonville Tunnel


My friend Anne and I took a short trip to Moonville Tunnel today and then lunch at Lake Hope Lodge.  We having a standing lunch date for Friday usually with a hike or a visit to an interesting place close to Athens. 

Moonville Tunnel is located near Zaleski OH.   It was a town that originated in the late 1880’s around the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad which later became the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the mining industry.   At Moonville’s peak, there were 100 residents.  Read more at 

Moonville Ghosts are said to be haunting the tunnel. According to the legend, the tunnel is haunted by several ghosts (  but the most notable is the story of the death of the brakeman.  The brakeman’s job was very dangerous and on one night a slightly drunk brakeman for the railway fell asleep and sometime during the night.  He was awakened by the sound of his train leaving the depot. He arose, stumbling on to the train track and falling beneath the wheels of the train. The brakeman never recovered from his injuries and the ghost of the man is said to be seen stumbling down tracks within the tunnel with a lantern in hand, still trying to catch the train before it leaves Moonville Station.  Read more at

Some of the photos I took today.  The lighting was poor and there were times that my camera would not focus at all due to no obvious problems.  Were there ghosts today when Anne and I were visiting? 

_60A7410 (1).jpg
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