Early Fall at Hoot Owl Hollow

Hoot Owl Hollow Nature Preserve and Botanical Garden, a place of peace and serenity.  

On Wednesday, I spent the morning with Jane and Hank at Hook Owl Hollow and saw the early Fall changes.  The seasons at Hoot Owl Hollow are always beautiful. Spring with daffodils, peonies, forsythia, and azaleas and many other plants. Summer with day lilies as far as the eye can see and poppies, hollyhocks, and many other summer blooms.  I have not been to Hoot Owl Hollow in winter but I would guess that it is magical when there is a snowfall.  Truly a beautiful place!

Hoot Owl Hollow is open in the summer and other times by appointment.  Worth a visit especially if you are in need of daylilies or other special plants for your flowerbeds.

According to the website “The Perennial Gardens at Hoot Owl Hollow have been in existence for over 40 years, gradually evolving from very practical vegetable gardens, to less filling, but more soul satisfying ornamental beds. Over the past twenty or so years they have been greatly expanded to the point where, despite having 108 acres available, we are running out of space on the ten or so acres that we intensively garden. The rest of the land is primarily in woods, lovely to walk through any time of the year, but especially in the spring to see the wildflowers”.

Check out the website at http://www.hootowlhollow.com.

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