Early Spring Flowers

Spring arrived today at 12:15 pm.  It is cold and rainy in Athens and we are expecting more winter weather. Spring flowers have started to bloom.  Hellebores (Lenten roses), crocuses, dwarf irises, and daffodils are blooming.  Soon there will be tulips, hyacinths, wood poppies and maybe other spring flowers.  I plant many bulbs in the Fall but I often have to share them with the moles, voles, squirrels, and chipmunks that visit my yard so I never know what might appear. Even though they do not like daffodils, they often dig them up and I have to replant them if I see them before they rot. 

Photos of early spring flowers from my garden.

7W6A8877 (2).jpg
760A9807 (1).jpg
760A9371 (1).jpg
760A9893 (1).jpg
7W6A2592 (2).jpg
760A9927 (4).jpg
760A9827 (1).jpg
7W6A1844 (1).jpg
_60A0115 (1).jpg
760A9930 (2).jpg
760A1574 (2).jpg
760A1636 (1).jpg
760A1663 (1).jpg
760A9812 (2).jpg
760A9822 (2).jpg
760A1648 (2).jpg
760A1589 (2).jpg