Light Space and Time Online Gallery

Photos accepted at Light, Space and Time Online Gallery  ( I have included links below because the photos from the website are  small.


Special Merit  Photos

Special Merit means " These are the artists and their artwork which we felt could easily have been placed higher but due to the size constraints in each media category, this art was placed in this special category.  Any of the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with the best art that we selected for the top tiers."

Landscapes May 2017 Special Merit  Redbud

All Photography December 2016 Special Merit Lake Fall

Open Art Exhibition October 2016 Special Merit Heron Reflection

Seasons  September 2016 Special  Merit Fall Reflections

Botanicals  May 2016 Special Merit  White Tulip and Red Lily

Special Recognition in Photography.

Landscapes May 2017 Special Recognition Spring Sunrise

Women January 2017 Special Recognition Complacent Fox

All Photography December 2016 Special Recognition Fall Beauty

Seascapes  November 2016 Special Recognition   Lake Dancing

Animals  June 2016 Special Recognition Hello

Photography Exhibition

Animals August 2014 Finding My Way